Goodbye Rio

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Goodbye Rio

Good bye Brazil…. Blimey……it’s all over!!!

What a truly amazing time it’s been. I would like to say a big thank you to Carl Bettinson and Stromsholm for kindly putting on the 3 clinics earlier in the year around the UK and then sponsoring my flight to come out here and work with all the staff at the biggest show in the world.

Meeting a new group of friends and learning how to say swear words in Portuguese has been so fun!!!! I am sat in my departure lounge looking ata beautiful morning in Rio through the window. This has been a wonderful experience for me. Working with the worlds great team farriers like Dieter Kröhnert, Bertòk Feri, Nigel Perrott, Haydn Price, Jim Blurton, Sandy Parker, Luiz Gustavo Tenorio Tenório, Steve Teichman and Kenny Burt has been an unbelievable education in how professionalism and competition farriers work. All helping each other out and sharing knowledge and ideas.

The adrenaline and pressure from working on horses late at night and early in the morning from the XC to the showjumping has been hard work and long hours but totally worth it all to be part of the Olympic team. We definitely made a difference to not just the teams that needed help to stay in the competition but in the best way we could…. by helping the horses. They are the real unsung heroes of the games. Never complaining just accepting and following the riders lead without question be it galloping round the XC or cantering into a arena surrounded by 14,000 people all cheering and waving flags. They are simply amazing animals.

The new friends I have met along the way will be with me forever. The Brazilian guys we worked with were so professional and a true credit to their Profession and country making us feel welcome from the start to the end. We all put on some clinics for the farriers and some of the vets in the evenings and even though we all started every morning at 5.30am the guys were all still in the forge keenly practicing shoemaking or discussing theory when ever they could. I was always told as an apprentice “your only as good as the last job you did” …. well these Brazilian guys are amazing as not only did they give their time for free to volunteer but then stepped up for their country and set a new Olympic standard of Farriery support.

Friends and memories I will never forget

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