The great thing about Ben Benson is that he is more than just our Farrier. He is part of our Team. He cares about the horses, their ambitions and results. His attention to detail and constant progress assessments go that little bit further to help us stay ahead of the game. Emma Forsyth

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We have been using Ben as a Farrier for the past 9 years. Having International dressage horses, a top Farrier is a priority. Ben has a high level of knowledge and ability. He is not only technically very good but also has a great affinity with the horses. He is open to discussions about our horses feet with not only ourselves but also our vets.

Whether it be to trim or do extensive remedial work we trust Ben implicitly. – Gareth Hughes (International Dressage Rider)


VaultingBen Benson and team have been shoeing my horses for the last 4 years, my horses are all in excess of 17 hands, Warmbloods and are members of the GB vaulting team. My horses all work on circles so it’s really important to get the right balance, perfect shoeing is therefore needed and Ben and Team have produced my horses to successfully pass FEI trot ups and happily compete.

I’ve been really pleased to have Harry shoe the horses through his apprenticeship and proud of his achievements since qualified, credit goes to Ben for being a good teacher, the boys are always happy, always turn up on time, sometimes even early! That normally depends on the biscuits!!” Julie Newell, Lunger for the English vaulting squad

Ben has been shoeing for me for the past 12 years, I consider him a valuable member of the team. He is a great communicator and always makes the time to discuss the horses with myself and yard manager Kelly. Whether Ben is dealing with a new horse to the yard or a horse he has been shoeing for a while, this ‘open line’ communicative approach means any problems with the horses feet are solved before they become an issue. I have the greatest confidence in Bens knowledge and skill as a farrier, and trust him implicitly with all my horses from the yearlings to my top level international Grand Prix horses. – Emile Faurie (International Dressage Rider)

Ben or a member of his team have shod Paddy for the seven and a half years that I have been fortunate to own him. During this time Ben has always been very helpful and accommodating with shoeing Paddy as he finds being shod a bit of a traumatic experience. About a year after I became Paddy’s owner he suffered with Navicular. Ben took a lot of time and trouble to assist with this condition and due to his knowledge and experience he has always continued to help with the control and prevention of this disease. Therefore, I only have Ben and his skills as a farrier to thank for Paddy remaining sound. – Judy Pass

One of the really hard things about travelling to the other side of the world with your horse (Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison) is the fact you no longer have your normal support team around you. Without a good team which most definitely includes the farrier things can be very rough. Fortunately for me the Australian team farrier happens to be good friends with British team farrier Ben Benson and put me in touch. Without Bens invaluable experience, skill and support my European trip would have been over before it began. The dramatic changes in ground and environment along with all the travel (in excess of 17 000 miles since April) Liaison has done this year resulted in his little white TB feet not coping. Ben managed to use his many skills to twice turn a horse that had bad bruising followed by a foot abscess from hopping to happy. Three shoeings later Liaisons feet look great. I can not thank Ben enough for being so willing to use and share his knowledge, skill and attention to detail to keep Liaison happy and sound. It never seemed to matter how long it took as long as we got the result. The fact Ben extended his friendship and emotional support also really helped to keep me the rider sane! Without this I would not have been able to benefit and enjoy the opportunity I have had. Thank you Ben and never forget if you are ever in Australia there will always be a very warm welcome waiting for you. – Sonja Johnson
Beijing team silver medalist 2008
Member winning Australian team Aachen CCIO 2016

Ben and his team first saw my FEI dressage mare, Candi in October last year. Throughout early 2012 Candi was periodically footsore and was finally diagnosed with laminitis in June. I moved from the Netherlands to the UK in October and was apprehensive about starting with a new farrier due to all of Candi’s foot issues. Ben’s initial consultation opened my eyes to many problems with the way Candi was shod throughout her illness and her general foot conformation. I trusted his judgement but was still nervous about the different way her feet looked after the first shoeing. The next day I rode Candi and can only say that I was in tears afterwards. Not with sadness but with joy! My horse felt totally different and confident on her feet. I am overjoyed with the changes Ben and his well trained team have made to my horse and have seen a massive improvement in Candi’s ability to perform the higher level movements with that little bit of extra ease and confidence. I have also seen a marked improvement in my other Grand Prix horse that has had ongoing suspensory problems.
Ben and his team provide a reliable service where I know that I am getting honest and educated decisions to help my horses perform to the best that they can. – Clare Porz (Australian Dressage Rider)

We have used Ben as our yard farrier for the last 11yrs. He is always reliable and trustworthy. I have complete confidence that Ben will pick up on any foot issues long before it becomes a serious concern. Ben takes a great interest in each horses individual foot and health requirements which is very important on a large busy yard such as Emile’s. – Kelly Lainsbury (International Dressage Yard Manager)

Moving to this area 10 years ago and frustrated by several unreliable farriers , I did some research and found that Ben came highly recommended by the professional yards that used him.
Ben has been shoeing my show and working hunter horses for 5 years , his professional skills as a farrier go beyond “nailing on shoes”. He stresses the importance of balancing the feet and improving the conformation, which to me is paramount. He is 100% reliable and another attribute is that Ben and his boys all have a sense of humour. – Alison Davis