Here we go again!

Posted By on January 31st, 2013 | Filed under The Practice

Here we go again! January is nearly over and it now is only 1 month until all the Eventers are off and The end of February marks the winter dressage regional finals!! It doesn’t seem like it was nearly 5 weeks since Christmas!

The majority of our horses are shod around the 4-6 week mark so we are just on our quiet week now and we are taking stock of this point to get all our shoe stock up to scratch. Its all go at the forge and we have the lads in the forge making some of the shoes for our competition horses, during the season we sometimes don’t get the chance to have the time in the forge, so we use these quiet times to make sure that we have a few variations of shoes that we need on the shelf. Its even all go in the office as we have Kiri in the office going through the invoices and paperwork. having Kiri chasing the paper side really makes such a difference and really helps us to keep on top of everything as it happens and is a major help in keeping the wheels of industry turning!!

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