Copper coated nails V’s Steel nails

Posted By Ben Benson Farriers on October 23rd, 2018 | Filed under Case Studies
Copper coated nails V’s Steel nails

Over 2 years ago we made the move from traditional steel nails to Kerckhaert CU Liberty Copper coated nails. We have noticed a huge difference in the health of the horses’ feet.

Take a look at these two shoes, with their nails still in. One from a new horse on the yard and one that we had shod for some time. The horses that these shoes on were very similar, both at the same yard, being managed in the same way. They were both quite wet in their stables too!

On the photograph you can clearly see the degradation of the steel nails compared to the copper nails. That rust would have been in the horse’s foot.

The rust the steel nails produce, acts as a trap for any liquid or matter that seeps into the nail hole (such as the liquid/urine from a dirty stable etc.) Bacteria is then caught within the hoof which can contribute to conditions such as white line disease, seedy toe and poor quality horn with underlying fungal infections.

We always like to use the best quality products for ALL of our horses that we shoe.

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