Case Study – Keri Bishop and Gevalia

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Case Study – Keri Bishop and Gevalia

Case Study – Keri Bishop and Gevalia

Keri bought Gevalia a 16.1hh 12 year old dressage horse 2 years ago from Denmark.

Gevalia was bought when she was competing at Medium level and Keri wanted to progress with her training and compete at the higher levels in dressage.

“As far as her shoeing requirements were concerned. She has always been a little flat footed and Ben and team shod her accordingly. However just before Christmas 2017, this was when her problems really started. Unfortunately, she managed to climb out of her stable window, which was very worrying. She was vet checked at the time, but no injuries were found, so I continued to compete her, but gradually her behaviour began to change, people tried to say, it was normal, given that she was a chestnut mare. But I knew something wasn’t quite right and wasn’t like her at all, so initiated further tests and had to have surgery on her stifle, an arthroscopy. This showed a tiny tear in the left stifle, cruciate ligament. My instincts were proved right.

The vet prescribed box rest and rehab was for 6 months which meant I could no longer travel to Ben for her to be shod.

Unfortunately whilst she was away during this time period, her front feet got quite flat and her heels became collapsed. The left foot was the worst. She wasn’t lame, just the odd stride seemed not quite right.

I arranged for some foot balance x-rays, which showed the left pedal bone was parallel to the floor and was the cause of the imbalance. Because of this imbalance, Gevalia, was always protecting and guarding herself on each stride.

Ben started again with Gevalia and the x-rays and re-balanced her front feet with more support and some pads. Her feet have really changed shape and look as good as they ever did.

She’s qualified for advanced medium 98 and advanced medium music for Nationals. I aim to go small tour with her by the end of the season and do an International. She’s such a special horse.” Keri Bishop of Ekko Equestrian – Rebecca & Keri Bates

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